JW Cook’s Vision for Monroe County

My name is JW Cook, and I am running to represent you. I believe in a local government that supports jobs. I believe in a local government that passes responsible budgets — a budget that creates a safe atmosphere for our children, and effectively combats the opioid crisis that has harmed our community. I believe in a local government that supports initiatives and programs that makes young people want to stay in Monroe County and raise families here.

JW Cook Walking in a Parade

Opioid Crisis

Every community in Monroe County has lost someone from an opioid overdose. In 2017 alone, there were 212 opioid-related deaths across Monroe County.

Effectively combating the opioid crisis in Monroe County calls for us to reach across party and town lines to find resources and support for families throughout the community. As a County Legislator, I will take pro-active approaches to face the epidemic by offering community outreach and family support. I will combat the opioid crisis by expanding access to treatment and prevention programs while supporting affected families.

It is time for the County Legislature to work together in providing proper leadership to address this epidemic.

Honest Government

Local government works best when it is transparent, strategic and thoughtful. It succeeds when it produces honest, straightforward budgets that address the major concerns of our region and removes bloat and special-interest spending. 

Government’s first responsibility is to be a fiduciary for your tax dollars.

Monroe County handles a budget of 1.2 billion dollars. Monroe County residents should not have to question if their tax dollars are being spent wisely. It is the responsibility of our county leaders to ensure our tax dollars are used properly in a sustainable, productive, and efficient manner. 

We deserve this from our county leaders, and I will work every day to bring this mindset to Monroe County government.

As a County Legislator, I pledge to always be a force working to revitalize our local economy and bring more jobs to the area with smart, long-term planning. I will fight for responsible budgeting that won’t continue to shift a greater tax burden onto homeowners. All-too-often our county government leaves its constituents in the dark. I will continue to champion and promote ethics reform and increase transparency in governmen

JW Cook for Monroe County Legislator

Growing Monroe County

Despite increasing taxes, Monroe County currently ranks at the top of the list for fiscal stress. This heavily impacts families in Monroe County, like those with children with disabilities who look to the County for early intervention services.

I am ready to bring stability to the budget crisis.

I will fight for a budget that works for the community by prioritizing the people and eliminating corruption. I will push for a budget that maintains County assets and implements smart hiring practices for heads of departments—stabilizing the financial situation will allow the County to address the needs of the community.

We must support entrepreneurs and small businesses with deep roots in our community, not corporations that care little about our residents. We cannot pay mere lip service to the great workers in our County.

I will work to create a strategic plan fully embracing growth in Monroe County. One that exists to grow great small businesses that create and retain jobs locally.

JW Cook & Friends

Fixing Monroe County

We deserve government officials who work for us, not against us. 

Our children are our future. I will fight to make sure we are fully funding Early Intervention, Child Care and Child Protective services. I will advocate on our behalf to ensure the state is doing the same. It is not enough to do the minimum.

We must ensure every child and family has a chance to be successful, no matter who they know or where they are. This is the real way we create stronger families in Monroe County.

We all deserve the services and policies that give our children and families the chance to lead successful lives—every decision I make will be with you and your family in mind.