About JW Cook

My name is James Cook, but my friends call me JW and I am running for Monroe County Legislator in District 24. 

I was born and raised in Monroe County. I am a product of public schools and a community whose investment in early childhood intervention services afforded me the ability to speak clearly. I was raised by a small business owner who invested her time in giving back to her community as a public servant. My mother’s commitment to our community led me to a life of public service. Following in her footsteps, I now work for New York State Assemblymember Harry Bronson.  

JW Cook talking with constituent Ernesta Walker about issues.


Working as a Legislative Assistant throughout this pandemic, I have first-hand experience with working directly with people who call the 24th LD their home. I have been on the front lines of COVID-19 working to aid constituents in our neighborhoods. I know their struggles and the pain many faced during this pandemic. I worked side-by-side with Assemblymember Bronson to find community-based solutions that inch us closer to equity and justice for all.

Time and time again this year we watched a community rally together to lend a hand to each other, push back against systemic injustice and fight for a better tomorrow for our families. We need the same energy in our Monroe County Legislature. We need a strong legislator who knows the people, who will advocate for our children’s futures, ensure we are creating and retaining jobs here in our community and will fight for justice in our historically disenfranchised communities. With your support, I will be that legislator for our community. We cannot afford anything less. 

I make a commitment to you that if elected, I will continue to serve the people of this district, as I do day in and day out — but with an expanded focus in advocating for their grassroots concerns at the County level. It would be an honor to represent you in the Monroe County Legislature. I hope I can count on your support.